Kantunta Safari Lodge Directions

The Lodge can be accessed in the dry season with a 2 WD vehicle but the vehicle must have high ground clearance.

The use of sedan cars is not recommended

Directions From Lusaka Via The Itezhi Tezhi Road:

Travelling time about 4 to 5 hours


Make sure to refuel before you leave Lusaka, refuel again at Oil Bay at Mumbwa on the M9.

• From Lumumba Road in the Lusaka CBD, take the Great West Road towards Mongu – this is the “Mumbwa Road” (M9).

• 151km from Lusaka, you reach the Mumbwa turn-off. If necessary, go into the town to refuel, There is also a new Service station on the main road continue on the M9. A further 30km on you will pass through the Nalusanga Gate at the entrance of the Kafue National Park.

At the 220km mark of the M9 (GPS: S14°58’16.4” E26°27’04.4”) turn left (south) onto the Itezhi-Tezhi road. Which is now tarred to the Mweengwa Gate

• After ±50km on this road, you reach the ZAWA Mweengwa Wildlife Check Point (GPS: S15°16’32.3” E26°14’56.7”). 3km further on from this point (GPS: S15°17’56.0” E26°14’09.2”) turn right (West) at the KaingU Lodge/Puku Pans signs.

• Travel 25km along a bush track to the next KaingU Lodge sign (GPS: S15°12’02.1” E026°04’18.6”) and turn left (South). Continue on for ±18km, crossing the Mweengwa Pole Bridge carry on for approximately 500mtrs you will see a Kaingu Lodge sign (GPS: S15 °17’49” E25°59’25”) at that sign there is a road turning left, turn left go for 9,5km, where you will see a Kantunta Safari Lodge Sign (S15°21”99” E25°59’77”) carry on for a further 1km until you reach the lodge.

It is recommended not to travel faster than 30-35km per hour on these bush tracks due to rocks and stumps in places close to the edge of the road.
Travelling time about 5 ½ to 6 hours

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